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  1. Wonderful. Was so worried we would have to wait for a canoe crossing of the atlantic or something even slower!! Can’t wait. Then, of course, it will be Kate22 !

  2. Reading your Kate Shugak and Liam Campbell novels has made me promise myself that I’ll visit Alaska before I kick the bucket. Your descriptive writing has painted a picture of Alaska that has to be realized in person. I’ve just re-read them all again, the second time in two years as like many others I await Kate 21 in May. I’m Scottish and have wandered the world with both the British forces and in a private capacity but have yet to make it North of Alberta Canada. I’ll get there and it’s all your fault so thanks. Congratulations, keep them coming and throw Mutt another bone for me.

  3. Surely Mutt isn’t dead? Really enjoy your books; such a different life; just been to Alaska once, barely, on a boat with friends almost 45 years ago. Fished,ate oysters and rock cod, swam in freshwater ponds. Unforgettable. Hope there is still time to visit properly. Keep writing, please

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