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  1. All the extra stuff you do is nice, but maybe the people who stood beside you in the original Kate series would like the next or final installment, its been two years and we need answers. I fear it may be too late for us original fans.

  2. Hey – Dana’s allowed to have a life! She doesn’t exist just to feed us Kate & Mutt addicts with our next fix, although I do agree that we are way way way over-due for our book. A well-rounded life makes for a better writer, I think, who doesn’t go stale. On the other hand, we can’t miss noticing that Dana has a mean, evil side to her, and sorta enjoys torturing her fans. This forces us to re-read “Break-Up” for comfort (and laughs), and then turn to OTHER AUTHORS, Louise Penney, for example, who actually care about their readers. By the way, David, a lot of the books I’ve been reading during this interminable Kate dry spell have been recommended by Dana. So, love you Dana, but for God’s sake, write us a book, already!

  3. Sorry Dana, forgot to say, Write us a new Kate book, of course. You are allowed to finish your Silk Road Trilogy, which at least (I hope) you will not leave as another cliff-hanger. I’ll read whatever you write, of course, a good story is a good story, but we still need us some Kate!

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