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  1. Few things bring out the grumpy old geezer in me quite so much as daylight saving time. Pick a time zone – any time zone; I don’t care which – and stop messing with the d**n clocks!

  2. Me three. My Indiana farmer dad farmed with the sun, not the clock. As a child I hated going to bed while it was still daylight, and trying to watch the 10:00 pm fireworks on the 4th of July before it was really truly dark was a bit frustrating too. But can you even begin to imagine our current Congress trying to agree to pass an act on something this simple?

    • Last night for the first time since DST last Saturday, I slept through the night. It always screws with my sleeping pattern, and I am not, shall we say, a pleasant person for the week after until biorhythms or whatever they are get back on track.

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