My full name is Esther Natasha Svensdotter.

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Homecoming and Housekeeping
There is no land uninhabitable or sea unnavigable. —Robert Thorne

Second StarMY FULL NAME IS Esther Natasha Svensdotter but if you want to live you’ll call me Star. Star is what Esther means, it was the first word I ever said, and when I’m feeling romantic I like to say that among the stars is where I live.

It was the first day of the new year and ten minutes out of LEO Base the gee forces on the Ted Taylor Express were discouraging to both my stomach and my disposition. I moaned a little. No one in the cockpit paid me any attention. I moaned a little more.

Crip, the lean, graying captain of this happy ship, turned from his console to give me an unfeeling grin. “Happy New Year, Star.”

I opened my eyes with an effort and gave him what I hoped was a damning glare. “Yeah, right, you asshole. Welcome to the twenty-first century.”

Dana Stabenow. Second Star (Kindle Locations 32-35). Gere Donovan Press.

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  1. I miss Star. I thought the three books were excellent reading, and hearkened back to the good old days of hard science fiction. They reminded me of Heinlein in their efforts to explain the science and, as much as possible, to make it believable.
    Star is still alive, so I continue to hope that we shall at least see one more book to tie up the loose ends.

  2. These books are so very good. They give us a glimpse of your future confident ability. As much as I love the other series, there is something really (can’t think of a worthy positive adjective) about these three books. I agree with Jeff’s post. And, please add me to those who would love to see the addition of one more book.

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