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  1. Dana, Loved all the Shugak books and Campbell as well. PLEASE tell me that Bad Blood isn’t ending as it seemed to. I was so shocked and not ready to accept the death of Kate and Mutt as well. Is that the last of the series?

    Caryl Sanders

  2. Thank you Dana! I am so glad there is a 21 Shugak on it’s way. You are definitely right about your insights to life and death and what we must all accept eventually. My husband and I went to Alaska from the East Coast back in 1995 for 19 days. Today, we are still astounded at the beauty and enormity of Alaska. We will never forget that trip; from the whales breaching, to the eagles hanging in the trees like crows back here! We even lucked out getting to see Denali on a clear day, top and all. My comments about your books were sincere and definitely complimentary. I’m back in Alaska when I read the series! Thank you Dana. Caryl Sanders

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