My proudest moment as a beader

[from the vaults, 5/14/2010]

The torso and tail began from pieces of coral and the head from a cowrie shell, all three picked up off Ma’alaea beach on Maui.


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  1. Thanks, Dairenna. Not very long, as I recall. A week, maybe? Less than a month, for sure. When the bead spirit moves, you have to either hop on board or get out of the way. I hopped.

  2. Your beading is over the top. Having one of your pieces, I say that with all sincerity. I can’t wait for a lesson. 🙂

  3. I second what Deborah said…that’s amazing and inspiring. The mermaid I mean. The books have been entertaining for years. Thank you!

  4. Love it! Have you done any more since this one? I’d be surprised if your Asian trip hadn’t triggered an idea. It truly is beautiful and imaginative.

  5. Amazing detail! I can see this on a t-shirt/photo mounted as wall art, and I know just the person to talk to. Check out The Clever Cousin on FB, she’s right up your alley. I have one of her collages and I Just love it.

  6. Wowser, Dana! So very beautiful to look at and discover all the lovely colors and textures. Star would love that as much as I.

  7. Stunning work. I find many authors have such creativity that is has to come out in other areas. Devon Monk and Kim Harrison knit super cute stuff.

  8. Wowzer!! Makes my pitiful attempts at beading look childish. But then I could never write a decent essay, much less a novel !0! It should be on the cover of a beading magazine!

  9. Your imagination has so many outlets. Would you mind if I shared this picture (with credit) in my joke/link/news-letter?

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