Love a good author’s note.

Love a good author’s note.

None but the most blindly credulous will imagine the characters and events in this story to be anything but fictitious. It is true that the ancient and noble city of Oxford is, of all the towns of England, the likeliest progenitor of unlikely events and persons. But there are limits.

—Edmund Crispin, The Moving Toyshop

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  1. from my perspective in Juneau, this is a good note by Edmund Crispin, but
    your own, Dana S, from A Cold-Blooded Businessis superb.

    Currently my favorite part is
    “$20,000 worth of magazine subscriptions in two days”

  2. Can you tell me which of Dana Stabenow’s books pick up where BAD BLOOD left us hangin’? I love her books but this one is maddening….

  3. Just read your answer to Pam here. I’ve been looking and watching for #21. 2016 is a VERY LONG TIME TO WAIT! Write faster!

  4. Yes, Pam, we ALL find it incredibly maddening, especially since our dear Dana is leaving us twisting slowly, slowly in the wind, waiting on the fate of Kate & Mutt for years while she indulges herself writing her Silk Roads trilogy. The only good thing about it being a trilogy is that she can only write 2 cliff-hangers before being forced to end it (I trust) by tying up all (or most) of the character’s story lines, even if she does kill them all off, as she so loves to do. Go Kate.

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