The Case of the Disappearing Bao

The slide show I narrated at the launch on February 15th begins with this image (which I swiped off the web by googling “Chinese seal,” and take a look at the rabbit hole that opened up here) of a personal seal, in Chinese characters.

When the bao disappeared with Johanna, Dai Fang's plans went seriously awry.
When the bao disappeared along with Johanna, Dai Fang’s plans went seriously awry.

We tried to get our own seal with the characters “Wu Li Honest Merchant” made, but didn’t get it done in time for Everything Under the Heavens. For By the Shores of the Middle Sea, though…

You’ll find the rest of the Silk and Song slideshow here.

Silk and Song glyph

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    1. Great job on the first Silk and Song book. Looking forward to the next with high anticipation. Hate the cliff-hanger that you left for all the Kate/Mutt lovers/fans, however, can understand your need to get S&S out of your system. Like to suggest that you seriously consider putting all of your short stories together in one print volumn. Also please do more science-fiction and science-fantasy. Best to you.

      • Thanks so much, Jon! Thus far the short stories are collected only in e, as I don’t think I could sell enough hard copies to pay for themselves. But you never know. Stay tuned…

    2. Dana,
      If my count is correct you have 17 short stories (counting Alaska Travler as one). Your short stories are just as good as any of your novels. If you added one or two or even three new ones (A Seer & Sword, A Kate & A Bill Billington) for a total of twenty, I’m sure that you have enough rabid fans who would buy the collection to have them all together in a H/C or a Trade P/B. Know that I would. Give it some thought. Please and Thank you.

      • Alaska Traveler isn’t a short story, it’s a collection of 50 non-fiction columns and half a dozen feature articles, originally printed in Alaska magazine. If and when I add to the short story collection I’ll give serious thought to a trade paperback edition. I’d rather all my stuff is available to all readers, no matter what their preferred format is. Meanwhile, thanks for the encouragement.

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