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  1. I love your Star Svensdotter books. Great scifi and vision of the future (I hope it comes to pass! The good parts, I mean). Good level of technical detail–introduces intriguing ideas but doesn’t go too deep (where the reader can get lost or the ideas date themselves fast). The characters are realistic and interesting.

  2. What I want to know is do you drill holes in the rock to attach the shells and beads. I was wondering this when I read about them in your book. Never seen this done before…..lol…
    How can I laugh….I paint river rocks 🙂

  3. Creativity needs to express itself in multiple ways in order to come to true fruition. I am very intrigued by your beautiful rock beading. I am off to Google more information on this art form.

  4. The rock isn’t drilled, Lou. There are several blasphemous hours stringing and weaving beads together around the rock. Then several more with even more interesting language tightening everything up so it doesn’t slide off while you get on with the embellishments.

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