Now it can be told…

On September 21st, Jane Cleland, of

also known as the Nero Wolfe Society, wrote to me as follows:

I’m THRILLED to inform you that [Though Not Dead has] won the Nero Award for Best Novel of 2011!!! We’ll disseminate the info via various social media and send out news releases to bookstores, libraries, and the media on December 2, 2012, the day after the official announcement at the Winter Banquet. Until then, please help us keep it a surprise…

…As you know, the Nero celebrates literary excellence in the tradition of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe stories. On behalf of the Wolfe Pack, congratulations! You join a stellar group of authors—Lawrence Block won the first Nero. Other past winners include Lee Child, Dennis Lehane, Tess Gerritsen, and Martha Grimes, among others.

Two thoughts. One, that is awe-inspiring company to be keeping, and two, I have to keep this a secret for more than TWO MONTHS?

Last night at the Wolfe Pack’s annual banquet in New York City, my editor, Kelley Ragland, accepted my Nero on my behalf, and drank all my free booze while she was at it, and was made to sing as well, although there is no video so I can’t prove it. Here’s what Mr. Wolfe looks like in bronze:

The Wolfe Pack’s press release is here. My acceptance speech, read by the one, the only, the aforementioned Ms. Ragland, was as follows:

There is so much about Nero Wolfe that delights me.
Beginning with Rex Stout’s beard.
And that Mr. Wolfe is still in print. And that when you google Nero Wolfe you get 1,440,000 hits.
The third of which goes to the IMDB entry to A&E’s “A Nero Wolfe Mystery” series, starring heartthrob Timothy Hutton as Archie. Which was my first introduction to Mr. Wolfe. (Wait, what? William Shatner once played Archie? Blasphemy! Sacrilege!)
There are Nero Wolfe cooking blogs, and Nero Wolfe beer blogs. There are long lists of quotations from the novels, including from the first Nero Wolfe novel I ever read, Plot It Yourself, which is still my favorite. “It’s fine to have a conscience, but you can’t let it run wild.”
Words to live by. Especially in publishing.
Now, by the generosity of this august body, my name will pop up 1,440,001st on a google search of Nero Wolfe. I only wish I could be there to hoist an artisanal beer in gratitude to you all.
I only hope that Mr. Stout, who from all I can discover did not suffer fools gladly would have approved.
Although I’m far more apprehensive of Mr. Wolfe’s reaction.
Thank you all so very much.

winner of the 2011 Nero Award

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  1. That is fantastic! Wow…. what an honor! You certainly deserve it. I have read, and re-read, all of your books and am always on the lookout for more.

  2. Congratulations! You deserve it!

    I have read your books over and over, and whenever possible also listen to the audio versions. I read Science Fiction and Fantasy as well, but I especially love your view into another world, right here on this planet.

    Your books will be with me forever.

    Thank you.

  3. I am going to make you eat a little bit of crow here Ms. Stabenow. I remember when I congratulated you on being nominated. You weren’t sure you had a chance. I don’t know if you remember that conversation but I sure do. So, I am raising a glass to you and giving you a big grin as I say, “Congratulations!”.

  4. Fantastic news, Dana. Congratulations on another award! Maybe we’re a little biased, but the Danamaniacs think very book is award winning. Enjoy.

  5. Congratulations, Dana! This is great news! You know your books are loved by thousands, but it’s nice to get recognized for it!

  6. Awesome, Dana! What an honor to be in such company! I haven’t read the Nero Wolfes in years…I think it’s time for a reread (to be squeezed in with the rereads of Kate, Aubrey & Maturin, ASoIaF, etc., etc.)

  7. That is fantastic. Congrats and very proud of you. Your Kate Shugak series is great every time I listen or read it. I always listen to the whole series before the next book comes out.

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