Chugach State Park, Alaska

Photographs by Carl Batreall of Chugach State Park, edited into a video montage. Fabulous.

[Some of which I saw originally in this month’s copy of Alaska magazine. You should subscribe, too.]

The Chugach State Park is one of the most scenic parks in the world, with a wildlife population that would have had Pliny the Elder ordering up vellum by the cartload. You can see moose, bears, mountain goats, Dall sheep, coyotes, wolves, marmots, every Alaskan mammal great and small. I haven’t even mentioned the birds, and if you hit Near Point just right (mid- to late June), halfway up you will find yourself in the middle of an entire mountainside of Alaskan wildflowers.

chocolate lilies

It is also the most accessible of all Alaska parks, state or federal. All you have to do is get off the plane in Anchorage and drive to one of many trail heads. There is a parking fee, but it’s well worth it so pay up and smile.

Here’s the trail map for the Park.

And here are a couple of reviews on Yelp, with some very good advice.


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  1. Thanks for that description and video! Alaska has now gone to the top of my travel list. It’s not that I haven’t always wanted to go, but most people I know have only done a cruise, and I knew I’d want to take a closer look. Of COURSE I want to see wildlife – I’ll remember to bring bells (they’ll be selling more of them in the Twin Cities if our recent fox sightings continues).

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