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from the 16th Kate Shugak novel

Six months ago VANCOUVER, BC (AP) – A Canadian-based mining firm, Global Harvest Resources Inc. (GHRI) yesterday announced the discovery of a gold, copper and molybdenum deposit on state-leased land in Alaska’s Iqaluk Wildlife Refuge.  At a press conference at the company’s headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, GHRI said preliminary estimates put the recoverable gold…

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[from the stabenow.com archives, February 10, 2008, with present-day commentary also in bold] Okaaaaay, five days after publication of Prepared for Rage, I have received the first email wanting to know when the next Kate novel will be out. Laurie King and I were talking about this yesterday. We’re pleased and flattered that you “Just…

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My publisher wanted me to do a brief q&a for their website, so I decided to have a little fun with it. Where do you get all your ideas? The idea fairy. What are your absolutely essential, can’t-do-without writing aids? 1.) A telescoping backscratcher, for those itches I can’t reach mid-chapter. 2.) Peppermints, for that…

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