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Pub day for Isis3!

Join me tonight at 7pm at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale for the launch of Theft of an Idol, the third Eye of Isis novel! Middle Sea sensation Herminia has vanished just before the curtain rises on a controversial production of Lysistrata. The last person to see her alive has been most foully murdered.…

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On six occasions, his enemies had tried shooting him; twice, they'd attempted poison (once using a samosa laced with arsenic); and during the Case of the Pundit with Twelve Toes, a hired thug had tried to force Puri's car over the edge of a hairpin bend on the road to Gulmarg.
The most ingenious attempt had been orchestrated by a cunning murderer (a naturalist by profession) working in Assam's Kaziranga Park, who had secretly sprayed Puri's clothes with a pheromone that attracted one-horned rhinos.
The closest anyone had come (not including the three rhinos, who could move surprisingly quickly) had been a criminal hijra who had pushed a pile of bricks off the top of a building into an alley in Varanasi where Puri had been walking.

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