Short Stories

The Collected Short Stories

This genre-spanning collection of 16 short stories features familiar characters like Kate and Jim, Liam and Wy, and Bill and Moses, but also ranges farther afield than many readers will expect, leaping from modern-day Anchorage to 22nd-century Mars to the fantasy kingdom of Mnemosynea.

Titles in this collection: “Nooses Give,” “Conspiracy,” “Under the Influence,” “Wreck Rights,” “Cherchez la Femme,” “Siren Song,” “The Eyak Interpreter,” “Any Taint of Vice,” “On the Evidence,” “Missing, Presumed…,” “The Perfect Gift,” “Gold Fever,” “Cheechako,” “No Place Like Home,” “Justice is a Two-edged Sword,” and “A Woman’s Work.”

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At the suggestion of a fan, here are the titles of all the short stories written in the Kate Shugak ‘verse, along with the anthologies they appeared in.

mysterious-west“Nooses Give” in The Mysterious West (1994), edited by Tony Hillerman.

At the request of a tribal elder, Kate takes on a bootlegger.

Set in the eighteen-month period between Kate’s resignation as an investigator for the Anchorage DA and the events of A Cold Day for Murder.

wild-crimes“Wreck Rights” in Wild Crimes (2004), edited by Dana Stabenow.

Chopper Jim calls Kate in to consult on a series of suspicious wrecks on the Glenn Highway.

Set between A Grave Denied and A Taint in the Blood.

“Under the Influence,” written for the Left Coast Crime 2001 program guide.

Kate solves the 75-year old murder of an Anchorage police chief.
Set between A Grave Denied and A Taint in the Blood.

“Cherchez la Femme” in Hook, Line & Sinister (April 2010), edited by T. Jefferson Parker.

Chopper Jim calls Kate in to clean up the blood left on the floor when three Niniltna brothers fall in love with the same woman, who is all that and then some.

Set between A Night Too Dark and Though Not Dead.

“Siren Song” for The Monster’s Corner, edited by Christopher Golden (September 2011).

Kate encounters three monsters who sing an unwary pimp onto the rocks. Updated just a tad from Homer.

Set sometime between A Deeper Sleep and Though Not Dead.

“The Eyak Interpreter” for A Study in Sherlock, edited by Laurie King and Leslie Klinger (October 2011)

Kate, Johnny and Max walk in the footsteps of Holmes, Watson and Mycroft.

Set after Though Not Dead.

“Any Taint of Vice,” an e-special publishing in December 2012, with an extra nice surprise at the end. Wherein Kate and Mutt find out who is blackmailing a ne’er-do-well scion of a powerful Alaskan family. AKA Anchorage noir.

Set after Restless in the Grave.

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