A Reader’s Guide

A Night Too Dark

1. How is the Suulutaq Mine changing the Park?

2. Are these changes good or bad for Park rats? For the aunties? For Jim? For Kate?

3. Alaskans traditionally know how to do one thing: Pull stuff out, of the ground (gold, copper, natural gas, oil, zinc) and out of the water (salmon, king crab, pollock). Resource exploitation is Alaska’s historic raison d’etre. In Chapter Sixteen, Kate bends a skeptical eye on Gaea. How much of her viewpoint has been formed by her identity as an Alaskan? How much by her identity as an Alaska Native?

4. There is a fine line between shouldering the responsibility of the future of the Park and selling out entirely to Global Harvest. How close is Kate treading to it?

5. Who holds the higher moral ground, Kate or Dr. Lempe?

6. Is Jim right about why Howie Katelnikof is still walking around on two good legs?

7. If you were a member of the NNA board, how would you have voted on Auntie Joy’s motion?

8. Compare the after-effects of the culture war on Chistona in Play With Fire to what could happen in the Park if Ulanie Anahonak gets her way.

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