A Cold-Blooded Business

A Cold Blooded Business coverIt’s March. Someone is selling drugs to the employees of a Prudhoe Bay oil field company, and the company hires Kate to apprehend the dealer. But coke isn’t the only illegal substance the Slopers are dealing in.

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I worked on the Slope for six years. Was it this crazy? Yup. Would I do it again? Nope. But I wouldn’t have missed the experience for the world.

About the Dedication

for Tony Kinderknecht
the last of the original Slopers
I left out the story about Milo’s pigs
because no one can tell it like he can

Like it says, he’s the last of the Original Slopers. He went up on April 1, 1969. He retired in 1997 and now spends his time in Florida at a clothing-optional resort. He says he’s earned it. I agree, but I still won’t dance with him naked.

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