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Erin sent out our first Solstice Newsletter today, and she writes

As of today, there are eleven days remaining in our application period. The window closes on December 31st at midnight Mountain Time, so don’t delay. The application and information is here on our website

All you women authors out there, apply! Storyknife was built for you.

Erin also writes

Also as of today, there are eleven days remaining in our 2019 Capital Campaign and for items to be purchased from our gift registries. In this season of light, please give to Storyknife. There are still gifts at many different price levels and we need them all!

Give the writers a Cuisinart! They’ll love you for it. So will Maura Brenin, our new chef. (Boy, I envy those Storyknife writers–they’re going to be eating very well indeed.)

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