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Death of an Eye, the first Eye of Isis novel, publishes in paperback on September 5.
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excerpt from Death of an Eye

Tetisheri regarded Uncle Neb with affection. His hair was black and his skin was dark in part from their common Theban ancestors and in part from long days spent shepherding shipments up and down the Nile and across the Middle Sea. His eyes were large and dark brown and thickly lashed and drew up slightly at the outer corners. Like Tetisheri’s own but that hers were a clear blue, a blue as deep and dark as the Middle Sea itself.

As dark as he, she was taller by a hand and slender where he was stout, she was simply dressed in a slim tunic of white Egyptian cotton, her only ornament a tiny chalcedony pendant in the shape of an exquisitely carved black cat hanging from a silken cord around her neck. By contrast Uncle Neb was a bit of a dandy. His tunic and trousers were made of the finest linen from the looms of the city’s most talented weavers, the sash that bound them a marvel of red and gold thread. His hair was close-cropped and always neatly trimmed, and his beard was drawn into a point off his chin and that point adorned with a large, tear-shaped pearl that trembled violently as he talked and laughed. It trembled now as he caught her shoulders in his hands and looked her over. “All is well with you then, Tetisheri?”

Author’s note: The inspiration for the pearl came from something I saw at the Egyptian exhibit at the Met in NYC. See below.


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  1. I got The Eye on Kindle and couldn’t put it down it gives me a.persective of Cleopatra’s reign I’ve never thought of.

    Can’t wait for the second book in the series. Great romance!


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