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Death of an Eye, the first Eye of Isis novel, publishes in paperback on September 5.
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Pub day is December 6th!

And on December 13th in the UK/Commonwealth.

I’ll be signing the hardcover at the Poisoned Pen on December 8th at 2pm.
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Excerpt from Death of an Eye

He was looking into the pool, a contemplative expression on his face, and he did not hear her at first so that she was able to study him for a few moments. He was tall with a trim figure that gave the impression of motion even when at rest. His brown tunic was made from a rough weave and girdled by a wide belt bearing a gladius in a boiled leather sheath. Wide guards stamped with double-headed eagles bound both wrists, their leather well oiled and supple from use. Old scars gleamed whitely against his skin, across an eyebrow, a cheekbone, his jaw, both arms, slanted deeply across a calf, a history of service under arms, although he was anything but the grizzled old soldier. His hair was fair and thick, cut close to his head. He could have been any age from twenty to forty.

He looked up. His eyes were the color of olivine, pale and clear and of a quality that one instinctively felt pierced directly to the heart of any matter, suffering no ambiguity, equivocation, or outright lie.

“Tetisheri,” he said. He voice was deep and steady.


“She wants to see you.”

She cast a look behind her, ready with excuses of a newly returned uncle and a massive intake in inventory to be accounted.


Her lips tightened briefly, and then relaxed. “I’ll get my cloak.”

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