In Storyknife news–3 cabins pledged, 2-for-1 main house donation matching, and 4 writers at Storyknife in 2016!


On December 16, 2016, Storyknife’s executive director Erin Hollowell writes:

We are excited and honored to report that three of Storyknife’s six cabins have been named by the following generous donors:
Arliss Sturgulewski, who will be naming her cabin for her daughter-in-law, Carol.
Jeannie Penney, who will be naming her cabin for her mother, Betty Rice.
Cathy Rasmuson, who will be naming her cabin for Halibut Cove artist Diana Tillion.

Each cabin will have a photograph and biography of the woman whose name it bears. Storyknife founder and president Dana Stabenow says, “Cathy Rasmuson is threatening to decorate her cabin with art by its namesake so we’re expecting competition among writers for Diana Cabin to be fierce.” We are so proud to have the support of these amazing donors, exemplars of how large-hearted and visionary Alaskan women can be.

There are an additional three cabins still available for sponsorship as well as other opportunities to honor an important woman in your life.

In equally exciting news, on November 14 we started a fundraiser to build the main house of Storyknife and dedicate it to Eva Saulitis. That fundraiser will continue until February 14, 2017, and during that time each dollar donated will be matched 2-for-1 by Peggy Shumaker and Joe Usibelli. Right now, $18,510 has been donated in Eva’s name. Our matching donors will turn that into $55,530. That’s right, in one month, we’re a fifth of the way there. To all of you who have donated thus far, thank you for your vision and your generosity.

Remember we only have until February 14th to meet Joe and Peggy’s most generous matching grant, so we need to reach out to everyone who knew Eva and wants memorialize her giving spirit. Please consider donating either through the Generosity site or by check (Storyknife, PO Box 75, Homer, Alaska, 99603).

Finally, we have just opened the application period for the four Storyknife Writers Retreat residencies available in 2017. From now until January 27, we are taking submissions. I know that people are excited, because in fewer than twelve hours, we already have two submitted applications. And considering that most of those twelve hours started at midnight on December 15, that’s pretty amazing!

Women writers, submit your applications here.


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