Wow. John Sandford just picked Though Not Dead for his Facebook book club.

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I met John once in Chicago years ago when we passed each other on book tour. He’s a really fun and interesting guy to talk to, so if he’s ever in your area you should definitely go see him. And then of course there are the books. (My favorite is Winter’s Prey.)

Though Not Dead is the eighteenth Kate Shugak novel, and my favorite. An elder has died and left a puzzle for Kate to solve which sends her on what is essentially a scavenger hunt through the last seventy years of Alaskan history.

I was able to do something in Though Not Dead I’ve always wanted to do: tell the modern history of the state of Alaska through the life of a single character. Everything’s in here, the Klondike Gold Rush, the salmon rush, the defense rush of World War II, the Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964, the oil rush. I had a blast.

Further, Though Not Dead contains my most favorite line from all my books:

“So, does he look like he might taste familiar?”

Though Not Dead


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  1. Love this background to you meeting John and why ‘Though Not Dead’ is your favourite book. As for your favourite line? Well, that just made me smile as I know what scene it is from. Thanks for the inside information as it always adds to our enjoyment of your books.

  2. When someone as important as John Sandford plugs your books, it’s always nice to spell his name right. Edie Peterson

    • I’m having a Sally Field moment here. [squee] But seriously, folks. When a writer at that level of craft takes that much time and puts that much effort into reading and reviewing your book, and they like it that much? just wow. Thanks, John.

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