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Weird, Cool Christmas Gifts

I kept running across weird, cool stuff and I couldn’t resist. It’s all the intertoobz’ fault. (There’s a buy link beneath all the images if you can’t help yourself. I’m sorry.) For decorating your tree. Get your nerd on. Ohmydearlord. For your camping needs. You know you want it. I certainly do. And of course.…

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On the way to market.

From the Everything Under the Heavens slideshow, two photos from western China, aka the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region: We passed this gentleman on the road. But it wasn’t until we got to Kuche that we discovered where he was going. Our guide told us that the imam or preacher at the Kuche mosque was a…

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Photos from the Silk Road

I went to China in 2005 to do research for Silk and Song. Here are a few photos from that trip. So, okay, that last photo, a story goes with it. We were out tarryhooting around in the middle of nowhere and voices were raised in request of a pit stop. So our driver pulled…

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