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Mousetronaut: Based on a (Partially) True StoryMousetronaut: Based on a (Partially) True Story by Mark Kelly

The sweetest little picture book, about Meteor the Mouse, one of a rodent team of, uh, mission specialists on board a space shuttle mission who saves the day. At the end Kelly includes an afterword with a brief history of NASA and lots of fun details about travel in space.

During my first flight in 2001, there were eighteen mice on board. All of them, with one exception, clung to inside of the mesh during the entire mission. One mouse, smaller than the rest, seemed to enjoy the experience and effortlessly floated around the cage. The story of Mousetronaut is inspired by that mission. We all watched him as he enjoyed the feeling of being weighless. I started to think about that mouse and what it would be like to have him as part of our crew.

The illustrations are just marvelous (lovelovelove the one of Meteor squeezing in between the control panels to get the key, and the one of him in his space suit), and you know the details are right. Any kid of any age will enjoy this book, and more importantly, no adult will be bored with having to read it 9 times in a row to his kid.

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