OpSec Day

[from the stabenow.com vaults, 2007] March 23 Some days I won’t be able to write directly about what we’re doing because of operational security. Today it’s not so much what as where. Keeping the bad guys in the dark is a good thing. Down side is that means keeping you in the dark, too, and…

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Pollywogs and Sea Turtles

[from the stabenow.com vaults, 2007] March 22 Last night I spent a couple hours in the galley with PO Nicole Steele, the night cook for Munro. She has invited me down to make rolls, so I present myself at 9:30pm and am put to work rolling out dough. She is at present trying to figure…

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They spoke of the days of plenty with a wistful exaggeration, as if it was an ancient time they knew only through stories generations old. My Jesus, the cod, the cod, the cod, that Crusade army of the North Atlantic, that irresistible undersea current of flesh, there was fish in galore one time. Boats run aground on a school swarming so thick beneath them a man could walk upon the very water but for fear of losing his shoes to the indiscriminate appetite of the fish.

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Big Gun Go Boom

[from the stabenow.com vaults, 2007] March 21 Big gun go boom. That pretty much sums up the morning’s activities, a drill on the 76-millimeter gun mounted forward. To give you perspective, the casings from the ammunition are the size of umbrella stands. At ten hundred Chief Greg Colvin and PO Josh Hendl heave the Killer…

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Oh boy, boat ride!

[from the stabenow.com vaults, 2007] March 20 Today a fishing vessel would not respond to our hail so we sent a boat over to talk to them. We see gear in the water and it’s smaller than your average mother ship, but it gives us a chance, the captain says, “to push the button.” The…

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Channeling Holmes

[My introduction to the 2012 Edgar Awards program guide, which I edited this year. The quotes are from authors, booksellers and librarians from the pieces they wrote on Holmes for the program.] Aren’t we all? The Sherlock Holmes canon has long been subject to assiduous mining by laborers in literature and film. Steve Hockensmith says,…

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