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Banned Books Week

A, what else, Google map of places books were banned in the United States in 2008-2009. South Dakota and New Mexico, please note, banned no books during this period. Also, please note, Alaska and Hawaii nowhere to be found. (That’s okay, we’ll be hanging off the coast of California during the evening weather report on…

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Dividend Haiku

[Don’t blame me, Frank Gerjevic started it over at the Anchorage Daily News.] Signs of Fall Termination dust. Fresh moose tongue. Dark red fireweed. Stars back. Dividend. [Personal message to John Straley: You have to be pleased with all those seasonal references.]

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Hot Books for Cold Nights

[written for Vibrant Nation in January. Worth reprinting now that we’re officially into fall.] I’m an expert in cold nights, and in ways to keep warm during them. A fire in the wood stove. Irish coffee made with Jameson’s. Hugh Jackman on the television screen. Any one of those’ll get the job done. So will…

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Good Book Club Books

I love book clubs. At one time I belonged to four. One was a crime fiction book club at a book store, one I ran from this website, a third I hosted on the radio, and I belong to a book club that just celebrated its twenty-second year. We are eight women who get together…

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Confessing Geekdom

[The last of my four June blogs for 49 Writers, No Moose.] I love good science fiction with a consuming passion. I loved Star Trek. TNG, I mean, not TOS. Kirk blows, Picard rocks, game over. I didn’t hate DS9 after the war with the Dominion started, Voyager worked after Seven came on board, and…

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Writing History

The third of my guest blogs on 49 Writers, No Moose in June — I’m writing an historical novel set in the 14th century, and for a long time I obsessed over how to avoid anachronism, particularly in dialogue. [Example: Marco Polo’s granddaughter, Johanna, going to the stables to discover BFF Jaufre fighting off the…

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Loving Coasties

Second of the guest blogs I wrote for 49 Writers, No Moose in June. — The absolute best part of a writer’s life is the research. I’ve written two thrillers, Blindfold Game and Prepared for Rage. For both novels I went on patrol with the US Coast Guard, first on Alex Haley for 16 days…

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Living Alaskan

Reprinted from last month’s guest blog on 49 Writers, No Moose. I was invited to write anything I wanted, about writing or not, so I did. I’ll be posting them here for the next four Fridays. — For years I tried to get an agent because “everybody” told me that the way the publishing game…

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Star Trek: The Reboot

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read this if you haven’t seen Star Trek. I have seen it SPOILER and I’m going to SPOILER talk about what I saw SPOILER. So if you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t want to be SPOILED go away and come back when you have. And feel free to leave…

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