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Star Trek: The Reboot

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read this if you haven’t seen Star Trek. I have seen it SPOILER and I’m going to SPOILER talk about what I saw SPOILER. So if you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t want to be SPOILED go away and come back when you have. And feel free to leave…

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Writing Series Fiction

[fifth in the MIC blogs] I love reading series. It’s like dropping in on friends uninvited and being made welcome anyway. How much trouble is Falco’s dad going to get them all into this time? What’s up with Joe and Jim on the Rez? What the hell, Vic’s doing time? What’s that about? One of…

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The First Kate Shugak Novel

[third of the MIC blogs] —– My two first published novels were science fiction, Second Star and A Handful of Stars, about Star Svensdotter, an off-Earther building a habitat at Ellfive and a mining colony in the Asteroid Belt. I had a third novel planned for the series but I was exhausted from the research…

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Becoming A Writer

Second of the Minotaur Moments in Crime blogs, published a month ago. —– Excuse me, according to no less an authority than the bellhop at the Vintage Hotel in Portland, Oregon, whose acquaintance I made in the elevator during my first book tour, if you are published, you’re not a writer, you’re an author. Okay.…

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My publisher wanted me to do a brief q&a for their website, so I decided to have a little fun with it. Where do you get all your ideas? The idea fairy. What are your absolutely essential, can’t-do-without writing aids? 1.) A telescoping backscratcher, for those itches I can’t reach mid-chapter. 2.) Peppermints, for that…

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Sex First, Then Religion

Okay, we tackled sex (go here to read that post and the umpteen comments it generated). How about religion? I am in receipt of an essay written by a retired Episcopal priest from Kansas, giving me a polite thumping for the view of religion in Play With Fire, the fifth Kate Shugak novel. He writes,…

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The Celtic

This is a painting of the Celtic, the 75-foot fish tender I lived on with my mom, off and on (on most summers, off some winters) for five years when I was a kid. Some of you will remember the short story I wrote about that time called “The Gift” (click on the link to…

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the Kansas City LitFest and me

Alert! Alert! Author sighting, author sighting!!! Yes, I fly out tonight to Kansas City, going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come (also the place everything’s up to date in). This is for the Kansas City Literary Festival, an all-day orgy of readers, writers and books. There are five stages featuring culinary presentations, kids’…

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The Gators

For those of you who have already read Prepared for Rage, you know “gators” is slang for interrogators, and that I’m referring to Bob and Mary in the Gitmo scenes. I was not, repeat not looking forward to writing those scenes. Not big with the torture, nope. I love Jack Bauer but I cringe and…

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