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Death of an Eye, the first Eye of Isis novel, publishes in paperback on September 5.
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I’ll make you love the scribe’s job more than you love your own mother. I’ll make its beauties obvious to you, for it is the greatest of all professions, and there is none like it in all the land…See, there is no worker without an ovrseer except for the scribe, who is always his own boss. Therefore, if you can learn to write, it will be far better for you than the other careers which I have listed before you, each one of which is more wretched than the last.

–Egyptian Middle Kingdom scribal propaganda, ca. 2000 B.C.
(from Joyce Tyldesley’s Daughters of Isis)

Yeah, I would have taken that job.

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  1. I would have loved to have been a Scribe. You may have got to learn a lot of things the general population would not have known. Keeping track of history. I would have so loved that. There must be a Scribe in your Egyptian story. Lucky Scribe.

    • They had to be able to write three: Cursive hieratic, hieroglyphic, and cursive hieroglyphic. And the god of writing? Was a goddess.

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