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Last month I wrote this about Sisters in Crime

For a writer’s association I recommend Sisters in Crime for their monthly SinCLinks and for their invaluable biennial Publishing Summit reports

[read the full text of “Going Independent” here]

Today in my inbox I received the June edition of inSinC, the SinC newsletter, which I shamefully neglected to include as a reason to join, as witness all the useful information contained therein. First off there is current President Leslie Budewitz’s letter on how SinC is valuable to authors published and un:

Need an ear? Call a Sister.
Struggling with the decision
whether, or when, to tell your
readers that a series is ending?
Ask others how they are resolv
ing the dilemma. Share hard
information—another author
may have learned details that you
missed—so you’re not tempted
to sink in a pool of negative
speculation. The more you know
about the business of publishing,
the better equipped you’ll be to
understand the inevitable shifts
and make good choices.

Then there is news from various chapters, including my favorite, the Guppies (the “Great Unpublished”):

Our Fantasy Agent project,
pairing an unpublished author with a published one
for an evaluation of the unpublished author’s novel, was
so successful, it will be repeated with E.B. Davis and
Margaret Turkevich as coordinators.

including the announcement of the Golden Donut contest:

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[Full disclosure: I’ve attended the Writers Police Academy.]

Then there is a full and informative article on SinC’s

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After two-and-a-half years of discussion and
planning, SinC’s Adapting to Hollywood
Conference is in the can. The hard work of
numerous volunteers and committee mem-
bers, panelists, and pitchers came to fruition
April 1–3, at the Hilton in Universal City, California.
One hundred twenty-five SinC members took advan-
tage of the free conference to learn how to write novels
that might interest Hollywood, to adapt their novels
to screenplays, to learn to recognize the pitfalls in an
option deal, and to pitch their projects to producers
and studio development executives.

There is news about year’s Bouchercon, where you can attend SinC’s eighth annual SinC Into Great Writing craft workshop (and also worship at the feet of Grandmaster Walter Mosley. I heard this guy read aloud from his work in Nottingham, and oh. my. lord. Not to be missed.).

There is advance notice of next year’s emphasis on short stories, how to write them and where to sell them, and then (shudder) forensic psychologist Katherine Ramsland’s truly creepy article on murder kits, those tools deemed essential by guys like Ted Bundy. (Ramsland is a must read for me in every edition of inSinC, even if I can’t sleep that night.)

Cop/novelist RJ Beam writers about the second jobs cops can and can’t take

The example always given is we cannot become a bartender: One
night you are serving a guy’s beer, then the next night
you arrest him for DUI.
And then there is retired Judge Debra Goldstein in the first of a series of columns on the view from the bench, how to apply for the Eleanor Taylor Bland Award for Crime Fiction Writers of Color, Linda Joy Singleton on how to get kids to read mysteries, Laura Brennan on how to nail that interview when you’re promoting your book, Jill Kelly on reading for the Dashiell Hammett Prize (173 submissions in 9 months, yikes), SinC awards to bookstores we love, outreach to libraries, a list of awards and nominations to SinC authors, chapter news and tons of photos.
Of course, you don’t get inSinC (or the Summit Reports or the SinCLinks) unless you join, but seriously, folks, why wouldn’t you? Sinc is one of the most useful writers organizations out there, and a bargain at only $40 a year. If you’re an aspiring writer, you’re nuts if you don’t join.

(And yes, she said with a weary sigh, having answered this question in the affirmative for over twenty years now, Brothers are welcome to join, too.)

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