…the alligator pod seduced by Jane Austen…



Like everyone else I’ve heard White on NPR but this is the first of her books I’ve read. This is sort of a memoir of her life in Florida told in anecdotal fits and starts and starring herself, her mother who runs off with a boat load of anthropologists, the local ornithologists who put abandoned wild turkey eggs in Bailey’s bed when she’s running a fever to properly incubate them, the alligator pod seduced by Jane Austen, and the grandparent who brought in a twenty-foot model of the Titanic to help her teach her first-graders to read. And many more. Fun.

A thought: This book would make for great bedtime stores.

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  1. Don’t you just love this book? It lives on my nightstand, and has for years. You are absolutely right about the perfect bedside book. I read a story in her voice. Wonderful!

  2. I loved “Quite a Time for Plums”. It reminded me of half the ladies in my small town. I am adding this one to my listening list.

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