True value.

Found in a gift shop at the Grand Canyon.IMG_0555

As it happens, I bought two Navajo rugs recently, which currently take pride of place in front of the stove and the sink in my kitchen.

Rug 1.jpg Rug 2

And there is zero whining over how much they cost.

Apropos of which, Marian of my knitting group recently ran across this online:knitting time calculator.jpg

Handmade. It’s not for Scrooges.





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  1. Wow. What a commitment. Love the rugs, by the way. And I am not a knitter of anything, except maybe knots.

    I met you at LCC last Saturday in the lobby and told you that I’d be writing a ‘favorites’ piece about you and Kate. You gave me your email address, but I promptly forgot it. Anyway, my post is up today and I wanted to thank you for talking with me and letting me ask a couple of questions, take a picture, be a ‘fangirl’. LOL

    If you’d like to take a look,here’s the link:

    And thank you so much again for so many wonderful hours of Alaskan dreams and Kate and Chopper Jim. 🙂

  2. Love this! I’m constantly asked about selling my knitting. Most of the time the cost of yarn turns them away. I like the good stuff. Your rugs are worth every penny that was spent.

  3. As a knitter, thank you, thank you, thank you! I also spin the yarn I use, and if one more person asks “why don’t you just use acrylic?” I will not be responsible for the Kate sized response. Meanwhile, thank you for the innumerable hours of pleasure I get from reading and listening to all your books. They are works of ar To!

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