“Shit, boys, if anybody makes it you will.”

MY DAD DROVE THE ALCAN for the first time in 1947. He and his friend Omar “Mac” Macdonald showed up at the Blueberry crossing in a Lincoln Zephyr. Then the drive was regarded more as a trek than a trip and the Canadian government wanted you to be carrying twenty gallons of water and forty gallons of fuel and four spare tires and extra fan belts and food and who knows what else. Dad and Mac had twenty gallons of gas, four cases of beer and two boxes of cheese crackers. The Mountie looked at that, looked at them and said, “Shit, boys, if anybody makes it you will,” and waved them through. The drive isn’t anywhere near as challenging today.

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  1. We drove the ALCAN in October 1979. Outside of Watson Lake I hit wet ice, did first a 180, then completed a 360. Recall yelling “Whoopie!.” All this in a 26′ RV towing a car. Ending up in a ditch, I knew I was getting a ticket. When the Mountie arrived in a Range Rover, he stopped, then slowly slid into the ditch next to me. “A bit slippery what?” Was his only comment on my driving.

    That’s when I learned driving the ALCAN was totally unique.

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