“Sort of an Alaskan Bangkok, that’s Pelican, I guess.”

A SUNNY MAY DAY perched on the edge of a deep, narrow fjord surrounded by steep, snow-capped mountains, eagles soaring overhead and seven different bands playing everything from country western to funk punk. Is this heaven, or is this just Pelican, Alaska, during the Boardwalk Boogie? “Cell phones don’t work here,” Mayor Kathie Wasserman, a short vivacious blonde, tells you, and then immediately corrects herself. “No, that’s not right. They work in the middle of the inlet at high tide. You can always tell when someone’s trying to call someone on their cell,” and she mimes standing up in a rocking skiff, arm upraised, eyes fixed on a phantom “out of service area” display.

Dana Stabenow. Alaska Traveler (Kindle Locations 2380-2385). Gere Donovan Press.

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  1. Hi Dana, I came late to your Kate Shugak stories and love them. Living in South Wales with the mountains and the sea on my doorstep I can relate to Kate’s world (well maybe not the wolves and bears etc).

    I have just finished Hunter’s Moon and 🙁 how could you kill of JACK ! ! !

    Batman & Robin, Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson, this how I see Kate & Jack + Mutt (who only just survived).

    As Old Sam would have told you “Girl you’ve lost the plot”.

    Deeply disappointed, David Crabb

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