Veronica Mars returns today, and about time, too.

Allow me to list the reasons I will watch this film:

  1. It actually looks pretty good in the trailer.
  2. Logan’s in it. Bad boy. Say no more.
  3. I love the whole Kickstarter movie thing and I want to support it.

But mostly?

I’ve been waiting years to see Veronica punch out that bitch.

And best of all, you can livestream it via Amazon right now.

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  1. I donated to the kickstarter campaign and received a bevy of goodies in exchange, including a personalized recording by Kristen Bell for our telephone answering machine and loads of updates from Rob Thomas (creator of Veronica Mars), which were in some ways the best part. Overall, though, the absolute top goodie was seeing Veronica and the other denizens of Neptune, CA come to life again. So excited! Maybe someone should launch a kickstarter for a Kate Shugak movie…

  2. I wish I’d been on the ball enough to donate to the Kickstarter campaign, Anne. I only heard about it after the campaign was closed. But I watched it the first day via livestream!

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