Marco Polo had to have climbed on a camel a time or ten.

The second image in my Silk and Song slideshow at the Poisoned Pen on February 15th.

me on a camel at Mingsha

I went to China in 2005 to research Silk and Song. One of our stops was at Mingsha, outside of Dunhuang, where there were these enormous gray sand dunes. Local vendors were doing a roaring rental trade in handmade sleds, which people would then take to the tops of the dunes and slide down shrieking. That’s the dust rising from the dune in back of me.

Me, I got on a camel. I figured if I was going to write a book about Marco Polo’s grandchild, that both of them would have traveled by camel, and I could do no less.

Camels can spit really far.

You’ll find the rest of the Silk and Song slideshow here.

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