It is Banned Books Week in America!

It is downright unAmerican
to allow anyone to tell you
what books you can or cannot read.
–Dana Stabenow

Whoopi Goldberg has your reading back:

Check out the Banned Books Week YouTube Channel here.
Find out how to upload your own video here.
I might get into that myself, maybe read a little from The Hunger Games, which last year was banned for being anti-ethnic. Really.

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Go here to see the ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom’s Top Ten List of Frequently Challenged Books in 2012. (If I don’t want to read Fifty Shades of Gray, guess what I do? I don’t check it out.)

My all time favorite Banned Books graphic, from last year:

And let’s all take a moment this week to think of Malala, proof positive that the scariest thing in the world to the Taliban is a girl with a book.

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Support your local libraries!
Support your local bookstores!
Celebrate the power of the book!


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  1. I love the ALA’s frequently challenged book list. This is a great source for excellent books. Many of these books are challenged because they ask us to look at something from a different point of view; to see another’s feelings and opinions as equally valid as our own.

  2. To Kill a Mockingbird is racist???? And what moron came to that conclusion?

    I’m reminded of a Very Politically Correct woman who had nothing better to do and announced to all and sundry one Sunday at a flea market that the opera Porgy and Bess was racist. I had just seen the Seattle Opera production (the one she was talking about) and could not for the life of me figure out how she managed to get that out of a stunning production. I pointed out to her that the libretto was at least co-written by W.E.B. DuBois, which made it not even remotely likely to be racist. Of course…she had no idea who DuBois was…

    Which in my experience is about the level of intelligence used on the banned books list. Too many Americans are terrified of thinking. Or, more likely, incapable of it. Which, come to think of it is why they’re terrified of it! 🙂

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