What the HELL was I thinking?

From Chapter 10 of Alaska Traveler:

I wasn’t going to let anyone rush me. I wasn’t going to let me rush me. I was going to take it one foot at a time, one boulder at a time. I was going slow, I was going careful, I was not going to slip or fall, there would be no Stabenow blood shed in the Chilkoot Pass that day. That was my plan. I slithered across the snow field to the foot of the Scales and got chest to chest with a boulder taller than I was. Slowly, carefully, one fingernail at a time, I thought my way over it. One boulder behind me. A thousand to go. I stretched out a toe that was suddenly and inexplicably prehensile for the next.

Dana Stabenow. Alaska Traveler (Kindle Locations 582-586). Gere Donovan Press.

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  1. My grandfather made that trek shortly before the avalanche (sp) – and wrote about it and his adventures in his diary. The National Geographic had a documentary on it about 20 years ago that followed the route that he and so many others took. What is amazing today is that the Yukon archives have made so many photos available online – I have been able to pick out actual buildings he talked about and stayed in. It is an amazing journey, no matter what the decade.

  2. Dana, would you please please please PLEASE publish this in some future collection of short stories? or just publish this one right here in some form of hold-able print? Some of us don’t have e-readers!

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