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  1. I am a devoted Kate Shugak reader and I reread them often. I’ve just gone through Though Not Dead again and I was again appalled by the frequent misuse of the verbs lie and lay. One has to count on authors to use proper English in their narratives as a learning tool to readers. It’s excusable in dialogue, but not in the author’s voice.

    Thank you

  2. Dana, when is your next Kate coming out? a friend and I are big fans of you. We both have spent lot of time in Alaska, also have many connections. Your novels and the Alaska magazine are our devotion to the great state.. You are much appreciated.

    • I don’t know for sure, Ken. Right now I’m writing Silk and Song, an historical trilogy about Marco Polo’s granddaughter traveling the Silk Road between China and England during the years 1322-1327. I am compiling notes for Kate21, however, if that makes you feel better.

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