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Sunday before last, April 7th, thanks to Kate Shugak being the Kindle Daily Deal, this is what the Amazon.UK e-bestseller lists looked like:

Kate was holding down #1, #4 and #5 on the paid list and #5 on the free list.

Thank you, Amazon.UK, and thank you, UK readers!

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  1. I read Bad Blood in a day. Kate rocks. I’m just sorry I’ve caught up now and have to wait until the next one. Thank you Dana for a character that is as near to my heart as Sherlock Holmes. Kate kicks arse and is a very positive role model.

  2. Oh when is the next kate shugak book coming out? im about to start the 4th Liam book and need my kate or liam fix. pleeeeeease

  3. I had at one time caught up on Kate books. And life happened and they are now in a box in the back of a storage building. But I have recently caught up with technology and bought a kindle. I knew that the first books I wanted were the Kate books and I have started reading them again. It was like coming home to an old friend. Thank you for bring her to life.

  4. I just finished rereading all the Kate books and can’t wait (isn’t it overdue???) for the next book. I am now going to reread the Liam series, hope a new Kate book comes out soon. Miss her, Mutt, Jim and all the other Park Rats something terrible!

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