Palmer, Alaska, I am in you today!

At Fireside Books, 5-7pm.

(And you better believe I’ll be at Vagabond Blues for a sticky bun just before that.)

This is the last stop on the Kate 20/20 tour. Thank you all so much for turning out for the book, for putting it at #14 on the New York Times bestseller list, for continuing after twenty books in the series to care as much as you do about Kate and Mutt and Jim and the aunties and Bobby and Dinah and Ranger Dan and the rest of the Park rats. You’ve heard me say this before, and it’s as true now as the first time I said it:

I couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!

Click on “See event details” below to watch the livestream of the slide show I narrated on launch day at The Poisoned Pen.

And click here to get your own Kate 20/20 mug, which includes a bag of Tsunami Blend, aka Jim’s favorite coffee. You may remember it from Midnight Come Again. It went a long way toward lowering Kate’s defenses.

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  1. I have read all of your Kate Shugak novels and sincerely hope there will be more. Does Kate recover, and what about Mutt? You are one of my favorite authors because of your writing and your knowledge of your topic. I have certainly come to learn a great deal about Alaska. Thank you.

  2. That is just plain mean! I hope you are writing fast. Having lived in Alaska for 20 years, but no longer able to do so, I truly love to read your stories. I hope Mutt has 9 lives like cats do. Kate shouldn’t have to suffer again.

  3. Thank goodness that there is more to come in the Kate series. I finished the book on Saturday night, and couldn’t sleep, as I was upset!!! Fantastic books, enjoyed here by at least one happy English customer. Thank you.

  4. Thanks so much, Gill.
    So, Ginny, I’m guessing this isn’t the first Kate Shugak novel you have read…
    Not saying, Susan.
    (And thank you all!)

  5. Well, I finally got to read the darn book, after spending weeks on the library waiting list, as I never buy books I haven’t read. I was braced for the ending, but:
    Y O U M A Y N O T T O U C H T H A T D O G !!!!!!!!!
    All your mugs will be piled up into mountains of china and smashed with sledgehammers!
    You are truly evil, Dana! And now I won’t know if I want to read this again until the next book, so no sale to me right now, Ms. Stabenow. So get this other dumb book (however interesting and well written) out of the way and get back to your true mission in life – feeding the needs of us Kate & Mutt lovers.

  6. Wow, have to say I AGREE with all of the above – talk about a cliff hanger ;o(
    My sister had gotten her copy just a couple days before I got mine and actually called to warn me about the ending – she was livid!!!
    She’s convinced you’ll have both their spirits directing future events – sure hope not!!!!!!!
    And as above – you’d better be writing the next book quickly or there will prob. be a mass exodus from the lower 48 knocking at your door.

    Hadn’t realized how much I missed Kate and Mutt until I had the book in hand.

  7. Just finished Bad Blood during my lunch hour at work. I must say my co-workers got very upset when I kept saying (with a very teary voice)- no – she can’t do that, Mutt has to live!! Please, let Mutt recover and let her die (not too soon) of very old age laying by the fire with Kate at her side!

  8. Just finished Bad Blood. I pre-ordered it and received it the day it was published but hadn’t gotten to it. I thought it would distract me from the very recent loss of my 18 year old husky. Imagine my horror at your ending. Please, do not let Mutt die. Please.

  9. OMG, just read these comments from Bad Blood from 2 years ago. Some hostile comments! Love it and the series! Patiently waiting for # 21!

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