Bad Blood is #14 on this week’s NYT bestseller list!

*The asterisk means that Bad Blood is tied for 13. With George R.R. Martin, no less.

For all those who bellied up to the bookstore counter
and plunked down your hard-earned cash not only for Bad Blood
but for all twenty books in the Kate Shugak series:
You made this happen,
and this blog post slash love letter
is for you.

Thank you!

If by clever footwork you managed to elude
the online promotional onslaught for Bad Blood,
here are buy links for you:

Autographed first editions from the Poisoned Pen.

on Amazon.

on Barnes and Noble.

on iTunes.

on Kobo.

And click on “See event details” below to watch the livestream of the slide show I narrated on launch day at The Poisoned Pen. I had a good time with it, and I think everyone else did, too.

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  1. Well, at least you didn’t push everybody off the Reichenbach Falls.

    But now we all have to wait at least another year to discover what happens!


    At least Chee and Leaphorn didn’t leave us hanging.

    I could almost smell the cordite at the end of Restless In The Grave. Talk about excitement!

    And you’ve always had the Tai Chi instructor right – mine was almost as crusty as Moses.

    You also had me thinking, “You idiots!” in Bad Blood. We criticize our dogs when they get distracted or aggressively aroused, but humans win that prize.

  2. Please after Bad Blood I can’t wait a whole year!!!! Please please please!! Go home—start writing—-we can’t stand it! You are a mean woman!!! :))

  3. Oh, I waited so long to get the book in the mail, that I also ordered it for my Kindle! The good news is, it came last week. The bad news is I read it in one day and with a page and a half to go was already onto thinking about the next read when suddenly…..POW! I was stunned! How could you do it???? That isn’t how Romeo and Juliet ended, not exactly….Bad enough to shoot one, but both??? and did any of Kenny’s bullets hit Trooper Jim? Yikes! Don’t get distracted with another trip to China or take up with Liam Campbell before you bring this ending to a more satisfying ‘next chapter’. Your books never get old. I think your descriptions in this one are particularly good so if your editor was pushing you for more ‘show’, you did it. I am definitely a Danamaniac!

    • Actually, Soosi, I was a long time before I heard from my editor after I turned this book in. I was gearing up for a huge fight to keep the ending the way you read it, when she got back to me. She was and is fine with it, I am relieved to report. Not that that relieves your feelings any…

  4. *reads the last page…


    blink, blink, blink

    Waaahhhh! (throws book down) Not again! (sniff)(wanders off to find a cupcake for consolation)

  5. What is the deal with all on the $600 words in Bad Blood? You did not do that in previous books, and I do not think they use those big words in the bush. It was a distraction from the story for me.

    • I guess I didn’t do that consciously, Alan, as I don’t know what words you are referring to. Kate’s a reader, she’s got a large vocabulary. Jim, too.

  6. I just finished ‘Bad Blood’ and I can see why some people (checkout Amazon) are a little upset. I will say one thing for your characters; none of them appear to be safe. I found the book to plod along, much like a French movie. I do like French movies, but they are just like most people’s lives and just plod along telling their story. This book seemed to be more about lives, no mystery, intrigue, suspense, just a story about lives.
    I enjoyed reading the book on my bus rides to work, and I am looking forward to seeing Kate and Mutt back in action in the next story. I cannot see you pulling an Agatha Christie on us. 🙂 Maybe the next book will have a little mystery and/or suspense. I am also waiting for the next Liam Campbell story. I hope the wait is a short one.

  7. I couldn’t wait to get this book and read it very quickly. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the next one….Hope Kate & Mutt are going to just fine. I love all their adventures and I must say, the books are not predictable. I hope the next one is soon…..Thanks for all the reading enjoyment!

  8. I never read reviews on Amazon and I hear that now wouldn’t be a good time to start, so I’ll pass. But I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment, Bryan. Thanks! And no, this isn’t the end of the adventure.

  9. So glad to hear this is not the last Kate and Mutt novel. I was afraid you had brought them to an end. I love all of your books, but we need another Kate and Mutt book quickly. Thanks.

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