You guys read way too fast.

I posted to the Danamaniacs page yesterday morning as follows:

And to everyone who has already zoooooomed through Bad Blood:
A) learn to read more slowly, please
B) outrage, anguish, a prayer that I die a painful death, these are fine, but no spoilers, and
C) take a breath.

As I said last night (click on “See event details” below to watch the livestream of the pub day launch at The Poisoned Pen, beginning with the slide show)

this is not the last book in the series.

Some reader comments yesterday about Bad Blood, taken from the Danamaniacs Facebook page, my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, and here on, as follows:

Cindye Baily Dana, A. I did read it as slowly as I could, LOL! B. agreed! LOL! C. will do, once I am able…

Jeanne Powell Dana Stabenow ~ Thank you for the last comment!!!!

Arlene Kleinman Fell I can’t help A; fast is my normal reading speed. But what I generally do with special authors is first read fast (i.e., normal) so I can find out what happens and then immediately reread at a more leisurely pace to savor it.
And I have to say the descriptions in this book are worth savoring. Talk about verbal paintings! You really outdid yourself in that department, Dana.

Kymm Stokke Dana, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–I’d much rather you take the time you need to write the stories you need to write, the way you need to write them, than churn out a lot of schlock. The wait will be worth it, because you do good stuff.

Jackie Cudd Blowers I was lucky to receive an ARC of Bad Blood, so I have been done reading for awhile. All I can say is that I swear I heard Dana’s evil giggle echoing in my ear as I turned the last page!!

Dana sez, Thanks for not spoiling, Jackie, and you’re so right about the evil giggle.

Sharon Genaux Grumble, grumble I may not forgive you, Dana. On the other hand, your new Silk Road books sound very intriguing. Your descriptions of Alaska bring that landscape alive for me; I can’t wait to see the Orient through your eyes.

Karen Buys As long as this isn’t the last book in the series there will be no screams of outrage from me. I’m still digesting and will definitely need to read again more slowly, but a wonderfully written story Dana. Thank you!!

Karen Van Ness-Hartless Are you kidding me? You can’t leave the book like that, I’m dying here!!

Jean Sherwood I’m very happy to hear that Dana! I was muttering some fine words as I finished your wonderful book.

Valerie Moreau very, very glad to hear it’s not the last book. As with Jean above I had some choice words at that ending.

Dana sez, I’m always eager to learn new words.

Denise Sormberger Prosalik Pleasae tell me you already have the next book written?? Loved it and a cliffhanger for sure!

D. McCaulley Holy Crap! I just finished the last page and had to come running in to the computer to see if there was anything about Kate and Mutt surviving!

Dana sez, You have read other books in the Kate Shugak series, right?

Tracey Steele
When I got to the last pages, I actually raised my hand to my mouth and gasped in horror. Like the damsel in distress that I am. Shock and awe!

Tricia Mattson Yes, I know they are characters in a book series but you have made them so REAL that it’s hard not to be so invested! Can you maybe do a short story if not a new book before another year’s time??

Jackie Renner As always I enjoyed the book- the story, the characters, the glimpse of Alaska. I reached the end of the book and in disbelief kept hoping I missed a page or 17 but still only the acknowledgments were present. The wait for the next book will be interminable.

Debra Eisert I was listening to the audiobook while my husband and dog slept beside me. Needless to say, their sleep didn’t last through the last chapter….

Dana sez, Impossible to describe the pride and joy I feel that you all care so much about these characters who have been with us for twenty years. Thank you!

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And since you asked, click here for your own Kate 20/20 mug, which includes a bag of Tsunami Blend, which as you will remember from Midnight Come Again is that known coffee snob, Chopper Jim’s favorite coffee.

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  1. Ok, it is now the latter part of Oct. 2016. Have I missed the newest Kate Shugak novel? I haven’t found anything past Bad Blood. I have read the entire 20 book series twice now and am hoping for the next novel soon .
    Also, are any of the Kate Shugak novels being made into movies.

  2. Read the books for the second time.had a fit when Jack died.cant wait till 21comes out don’t make me wait to long I am 83. Best to you keep writing . Remember Kate has been good to you.

  3. I wrote when I finished Bad Blood and told you that vacations were highly overrated and that I was sure you would be happier if you just went on to the next Kate and Mutt book, to no avail. I am so anxious for the next one to be available, patience isn’t my long suit at best.

  4. Found your books after my month in Alaska this September … totally in love with the state & your books! I would never leave either if I had a choice 🙁 Thank you <3

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