Another Kate trivia quiz for you, with even cooler prizes.

The Prize:

Each of today’s winners gets one of these

inside each of which is one of these

plus a grab bag full of goodies
that might include anything from a first edition
of A Cold Day for Murder to a Friends of Mutt sticker
to a copy of Mary TallMountain’s The Light on the Tent Wall
or any combination thereof.

Okay, on to

The Quiz:

All today’s questions are taken from Restless in the Grave,
the nineteenth Kate Shugak novel.
Here we go:

1. According to Kate, what is a moose-inappropriate firearm?

2. According to Jim, what was a great leap forward for Niniltna?

3. According to Tasha, who is the Second Coming?

4. According to Lucy, what don’t you get paid for?

5. What Greek play is Restless in the Grave based on?

The first three contestants to
email the correct answers to
along with their snailmail addresses
win one of the three prizes.
Contest closes tonight at 10pm Alaska time.
Winners will be posted here on Thursday.
Hop on it!

[Or, if you’re still traumatized from the last trivia quiz
and you’d rather just skip right to buying a Kate mug+coffee,
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  1. I’m so bummed that I missed this! I was waiting for like a week, then, the one day I’m NOT online… Darn it! These were tough though!

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