Trivia contest answers and winners!

So, last Tuesday I posted ten Kate trivia questions and invited everyone to answer them. Winners would take home one of these:

Here are the questions again, this time with their answers:

1. Who is nature’s optimist?

Answer: An arsonist, according to Morris “Max” Maxwell in A Taint in the Blood.

2. Who does Mac Devlin hit on after Bobby’s interview with Anne Gordaoff?

Answer: Jack’s ex-wife Jane Morgan, in The Singing of the Dead.

3. Who was Camp Teddy named for?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt, by Ruthe and Dina in A Fine and Bitter Snow.

4. What is Kate’s first gift from Jim?

Answer: A copy of Robert’s Rules of Order (A Night Too Dark).

5. How was Ray Chevak related to Kate Shugak?

Answer: He was Emaa’s lover, as discovered by Kate in Midnight Come Again.

6. How many Class C state championships have the Kanuyaq Kings’ mens’ basketball team won?

Answer: Three (A Deeper Sleep).

7. How did an FBI agent get on board the Alexei Kosygin in Petropavlovsk?

Answer: Bribed the watch with a couple of bottles of vodka (Restless in the Grave).

8. Who nailed one hell of a shingle?

Answer: Len Dreyer, according to Bobby in A Grave Denied.

9. How does Kate manage to pull out in the bumper-to-bumper traffic at Lake Otis and Tudor?

Answer: She makes a driver stall out his pickup by yanking up her T-shirt (Though Not Dead).

10. In which Olympic sport did Talia Macleod compete?

Answer: The biathlon (Whisper to the Blood).

Historical footnote: Last year I was assailed for making the trivia questions too easy. This year I evidently made them too hard because we were underwhelmed with players. You people are sure hard to give things away to. I think I’ll just go back to closing my eyes and pointing at the subscriber list for the Roadhouse Report, and if you aren’t already subscribed

Our five players get a mug just for showing up:

Toni Tidwell, Griffin, Georgia

Jacqueline Hulse, Murphy, North Carolina

Peggy Belew, Walton, Kentucky

Ginger Hipszky, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tanja Vaughn, Glendale, Arizona

Laura at Minotaur will be getting in touch for addresses to which to send your mugs. Let us know how you like the mugs! Send photographs! I’ve got one on order myself. [Update on 1/17: I’m drinking my morning coffee out of mine nowadays.]

Pre-order your copies here

Autographed copies from the Poisoned Pen.

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  1. I already had my mug but the questions were hard, for me, at least and I didn’t have a lot of time at hand to go searching for answers. We need to bring back trivia at some of our monthly chats. I will get on that.

  2. Thanks Dana, I knew I had all the answers right except 1 and 6 plus I knew where to search for the couple I wasn’t sure about. I enjoyed the challenge. I’ve already ordered and received a 15oz mug which I’m using at work, so this one will stay at home along with the FOM mug I won last year. I’ve moved recently, my hometown is now Walton, Ky. Thanks again.

  3. I will have to order myself a mug (having been too chicken to take on trivia experts). I will order one with a pale color inside so I can see how strong the tea was getting. Then I will go back to studying trivia…

  4. I just didn’t have time the day you published, got confused about tone zones and thought I’d been lucky for the year though of choose this one would have been new.

    On the other hands, met up with the author who allegedly has a picture of herself “strangling” you in the least couple of weeks (meet not strangulation)…

    Will try harder -promise!

  5. Is there any other way I can aquire a coffee mug? Ive read everything Ms. Stabenow has written and particularly love the Kate Shugak series. Looking forward to reading “Bad Blood” when it is released.

  6. Thanks you Dana. Glad you picked the winners this way, because I did lousy.
    I am in the middle of the Kate series now getting ready for the new book. Even cleared a space on the book shelves so Kate has her own 2 shelves,including all the signed hardcovers I have gotten.

    Also, I have been getting the newly read CD’s of the earlier books and Marguerite’s voice still sounds like warm, melted butter.
    Thanks again!!!
    Ginger Hipszky

  7. Thanks for the answers. I guess I should’ve just winged it and sent the one I thought I knew the correct answer. ha. I love #9. I had forgotten about that. I remember totally LOL when I read it.

  8. Checked my email this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find out I won “The Mug”. I am beyond excited. Thank you Dana and Laura!

    I live in Western North Carolina…Murphy, NC. If you look at the weather, we will be the area that’s been GREEN for 4 days 🙁

  9. I have been reading Kate since just after your first book came out, and I cant remember that far back. Yes, the questions were waaay too hard this year. I read them and said well, I guess I lose! I do have my FOM sticker on my car though. Gets lots of questions from people too. 😉

    • Sorry about that, Mary Lou…watch for the next one, fewer questions and not too hard. I’m trying to find that sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

  10. Greetings! Thanks so much for the great mug! I can hardly wait to fill it with a lovely latte. Much appreciated! Looking forward to your visit to Scottsdale, in February, I will see you at the author luncheon hosted through Poisoned Pen.

    Glendale, AZ

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