Scriptorus interruptus.

Scriptorus interruptus.

pigSo, my agent put me in touch with an editor in the UK, one Jane Johnson, who is an author in her own right. Jane very kindly offered to read what I had written so far of Silk and Song, and cast her pearls of wisdom before this humble writing swine. (That would be me.)

rubyHer advice was so on the money that I leaped to my steedy computer and brandished my keyboardy quill and charged into the narrative at a velocity seen heretofore only in the speed of light. (Proverbs is wrong, it’s the good editor whose price is far above rubies.)

Some six days and eighty-three pages later, I was yanked back into the real world by my editor at Minotaur, the lovely and talented Kelley Ragland, who had finally read Though Not Dead, aka the 18th Kate Shugak novel, and had issued her editorial letter from upon high. (Editors, however rubyesque, always hand down to writing swine.)

Which meant I had to, um, pull out of writing Silk and Song, and edit Though Not Dead.

Ergo. Scriptorus interruptus.

The good news is the Kate18 edit went back to Kelley on Wednesday. It’s the best Kate Shugak novel yet, and it may be the best book I’ve ever written, period. As I’ve said elsewhere, the plot is Cain and Abel meet Forrest Gump, and if you thought you’d seen the last of Old Sam, you were wrong.

And when I get back from Machu Picchu, I’ll be back at work on Silk and Song.machu-picchu

Until, of course, it’s time to start work on the next Kate Shugak novel…

Scriptorus interruptus.

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