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Some fun links from my Facebook page this past week–

On Monday I posted this photo of a scarf I knitted from Astrid Bear’s Clown Barf yarn.clown-barf-scarfMostly, I admit, so I could put the words “Clown Barf Scarf” together in a sentence. And then a bunch of people chastised me for knitting instead of writing.

On Tuesday I posted this photo of a snow drift outside of my office window.
snow-sculpture-004Jennifer said, “The drift on the right seems to be defying gravity. I wonder if an architect has ever been inspired by a snowdrift?”
Andrine said, “Alaska is about to get rain while DC is about to get snow?? What’s wrong with this picture??”
Nichola said, “We’ve been passing kids around like hot potatoes, since there is no school in site. The most popular spot in my neighborhood is Chuck E. Cheese. Moms at a table, boys at a table, girls at a table. If the city had the equipment to deal with it, I don’t think it would be such a big deal, but the firefighters and the street crews are exhausted and the trees, the power lines and the snow just keep coming down.”

On Friday I posted this link to a bunch of photographs of weird soap was freaked out by the baby hands, including me, except for Val, who said, “I so want these in my bathroom!” My friend.

On Saturday I published this link to an article about ways to eat Pilot Bread.pilot-breadI said, “I am the only Alaskan I know who believes that serving someone peanut butter on Pilot bread comes under the heading of attempted murder.”
Many disagreed.
Leah said, “I like them with spinach artichoke dip (the yummy one from Costco) & melted parmesan cheese!”
Kathy said, “I practically lived on Pilot bread, peanut butter and jam when I had my troller. Cheap, quick, easy and tasty; a fisherwoman’s convienience food.”
Scott said, “Pilot Bread! With a can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Or a big hunk of cheddar cheese, but that only lasted a week into the season.”
But Katherine said, “You are right!” My friend.

And on Sunday I celebrated Valentine’s Day by posting this oh so sweet, you don’t think that’s romantic?

Two days to publication day of A Night Too Dark! Click on the link to read four excerpts. That should tide you over until Tuesday.


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